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Tips for helping Kids Stay Safe at Home

Here are a few tips.

Teach Them to Use the Security System

Having one of the best residential security systems in Mantua, NJ, will make leaving your kids home alone much less nerve-wracking. If you teach them to use the system, you will know that they are safe and secure even when you’re not around. They’ll be able to arm the system when you leave and will know what to do if the system is triggered. Plus, you can upgrade your system to include a video system that you can access with your smart phone, so you can check in on them whenever you’re feeling a little worried.

Tell Your Neighbors You’re Gone

If your kids are new to being home alone, it’s a good idea to let your neighbors know that you’ll be away. They can check in on your kids every now and then, and your kids will know that there is an adult close by who they can go to if any problems arise. When you know that an adult you trust is keeping an eye on your kids (even if it’s from a distance), you can enjoy your time away from the house without spending the evening worrying about something going wrong.

Set Clear Rules

You should set clear and strict rules regarding safety when you’re away from home. Some rules you might want to consider setting include the following:

  • Keep all windows and doors locked
  • Don’t answer the door for anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t answer the phone unless you have caller ID and recognize the number
  • Don’t let others know that you are at home alone
  • Stay at home the entire time you’re alone; don’t go out with friends
  • Know what numbers to call if there is an emergency
  • If you need an adult right away, find a neighbor you know and trust

If you set these rules and emphasize their importance, your kids will know what is expected of them. They’ll gladly accept the rules as a necessary step in being treated more like an adult.

Be Easy to Reach

Finally, make sure that you are easy to reach when your kids are home alone. Keep your phone on you at all times, and make sure the battery is fully charged so that your children can reach you if they need you. You may get a few phone calls about petty little arguments they’re having, but in the end, it is far more important that you are reachable in case something happens while you’re away.