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Things must understand before Hiring a Part Time Nanny

There are a few things which are needed to be considered before hiring a party-time nanny.

You will have to pay her Taxes:

If you think that part time nannies are not real employees and you are free from all the legal obligations, then you are wrong. They are also your employee and hence, you will have to pay her taxes. You will also pay your part of Social Security and Medicare for her.

The Contract is mandatory

You are hiring a part-time candidate, but still, you need to sign a contract of employment with her. The contract should have the details mentioned for the job responsibilities, wages, benefits, schedule, etc. This will tell her about your expectation and what will be her duties during her employment period.

No assurance for the longer term service

The majority of part time nannies have some other commitments to her work, study, or family. Therefore, she cannot promise you to stay in your job for a year or more. She also has other commitments to make first for her life, hence, she can serve you her childcare services for short-term. Always keep this thing in mind that she won’t be providing her services for long. If you are also in the need of a nanny for a short time, then this is not a problem for you.

Screening is also necessary

It is the fact that your part time nanny will not stay with your children more than 5 hours. But, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the screening process. Despite her small work time, you will have to interview her carefully, do a screening test for the authenticity and reference check to find reliability and integrity in her work.

Have you performed background check?

Apart from the screening, you need to do background checks the same way performed for full time nannies for the safety and security reasons. After all, your kids will be in her hands for Caregiving. So, she should be a right person with a good background, having no criminal records. You can verify her documents for the identity proof which includes social security number, passport, driving license, etc. Criminal background check is also must for the safety.

Need Extra Time to Find the Appropriate Candidate:

You are looking for a part time candidate who can not only work in your home for a few hours in a day or few days in a week, but can also meet your schedules and expectations. Finding such a candidate is really a daunting task and needs a lot of efforts and patience.