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The Intelligence of Children

All the parents expect their children to be smart and intelligent. In fact, the intelligence of children is decided by various elements. Generally speaking, the environment, the inheritance and the diet can affect the brain development. It is difficult for people to change the inheritance and the environment. However, the diet can be adjusted by the parents to accelerate the intelligent development for children. Various kinds of food can be beneficial to the human brain, such as millet, eggs, animal liver and fish. Therefore, parents can add such foods into the diet for children.

Millet is usually regarded as the protective food for brain. It contains abundant nutrients, such as protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B complex. Eggs contain abundant lecithin which can increase the release amount of acetylcholine contained in the brain so as to improve the memory for children. The intake of eggs can not only improve the physical health, but also increase the energy for the human body. The animal liver and kidney contain a lot of high-quality protein and glucolipid. What’s more, the content of choline and iron is also relatively high. The choline can improve the memory. The iron can strengthen the ability of transferring oxygen for red blood corpuscles. Then adequate oxygen can be supplied for the brain to decrease the memory. Fish contains globulin and unsaturated fatty acid which are beneficial to the improvement of memory for children. In addition, other nutrients like calcium, iron and vitamins can also strengthen the memory. Dried small shrimps contain abundant calcium. The adequate supplementation of calcium can make the brain energetic and prevent various diseases for children. Milk contains rich protein and calcium, which can adjust the excitability of nerve and muscles. The intake of milk can improve the cognitive ability. Soy beans contain abundant high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acid which can accelerate the growth of brain cells. The lecithin, iron and vitamins contained in soy beans can strengthen the memory for children. The unsaturated fatty acid contained in the meet of walnut is the essential component of the brain cells of the human body. It is beneficial for children to increase the intake of walnut in daily life so as to improve the intelligent development.

All the foods mentioned above can effectively accelerate the brain development and improve the intelligence for children. Parents should usually prepare such foods for their children during the dinner.