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The Benefits of Play for Toddlers

Almost all kids love playing with a playhouse. A playhouse allows them the joy of numerous activities in which they can engage, such as pretend play. Such activities can have a great positive impact on the development of your children, so here are just a few of the benefits that your kids enjoy when you pick up toys like plastic playhouses for your toddlers.

Physical Exercise

Obesity is a big concern among parents these days. Glued to a TV or computer, kids start accumulating fat early which never goes away. It also affects their growth and development adversely.

Involved in some physical activity such as plastic playhouses, your toddlers can stay active and away from the electronic gadgets. Spending their time in front of the computer or TV, coupled with eating junk is turning more children overweight than you would think. Playhousesare a great play and recreation alternative. In addition, they allow you kids to be engaged physically with it by going in, out and around it. Features such as slides, bouncers and doors and windows encourage a lot of physical exercise.

Bone and Muscle Development

You may find sliding, crawling and climbing mundane but for a toddler these are part of a vital training routine that helps them to use their energy constructively. These activities allowtheir muscles to develop properly while their bones grow stronger. You can easily buy plastic playhouses for toddlers online at sites such as Jump Joker.

Improved Agility

Plastic playhouses for toddlers encourage play with physical exercise. This urges kids to become more active and efficient.They also learn how to reach new levels by inventing challenges and overcoming them on their own.

Improved Coordination

Elements such as slides in a playhouse stimulate the kids to learn better coordination of their arms and legs which is very important for them as toddlers. Going in and out of a playhouse, peeping from the windows, coming down a slide, all encourage better awareness and control of their bodies.

Better Sleep

Sleep is very important for physical and mental development in toddlers. Having playedin a playhouse, inventing games, sliding and bouncing, kids go off to sleep easily and sleep well.

Growing Camaraderie

Since a playhouse allows more than one kid to play at the same time, your toddler can learn interacting with peers, collaborating, sharing and having more fun that if s/he was playing alone. This social interaction is very important for them at this stage since they would be mingling with other kids soon in school and playing with other kids will prepare them for what lies ahead.