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Ideas for Decorating Kids Room

So your little one’s bedroom needs a revamp. One simple and effective way to create a complete new look is with a theme. This could be based on animals, trains, jungle, underwater, fairyland, outer space, garden, a favorite story or cartoon – anything! It all depends on what excites and interests your child.

You could always buy the whole kit ready made. That’s the easiest way, but not necessarily the best. It’s probably cheaper, as well as much more enjoyable – and special for your child – to use the bits and pieces you already have and put it together yourself.

As you are no doubt already aware, what thrills and delights today, may languish abandoned in a corner tomorrow. Kids can outgrow their likes and dislikes. So it might be wise to be prepared for a redesign sooner than you would prefer. Even so, you might decide that the wow factor offers benefits that outweigh its possibly shortish life span. And of course, this may not be an issue at all. Some children have interests and passions that last for years. Only you know your child.

You may decide you want to keep it really simple and choose a certain color or design as your starting point. Be careful not to choose wall shades (particularly pinks) that are too bright or garish. Neutral shades can be a wise choice. Then it’s easy to add more color with accessories – or even a mural painted (or decoupaged) on one wall. This could be an eye-catching feature, and something that your child would probably love to take a hand in creating (literally!).

You could even leave a wall – or part of a wall – for your child to paint or draw on. It’s quite a different experience to have the freedom of all that space, without the usual restriction of a rectangular piece of paper. And remember, you can always paint over the whole lot any time!

A clothes line fixed to a wall can be used to hang all sorts of theme-related items. (For safety, make sure it is well out of reach.) Pictures from magazines or wallpaper can be cut out and used to decorate boxes and furniture, or to make a frieze round the room.

The possibilities are endless. Without too much expenditure you can create a unique bedroom that your child will adore – and have an enjoyable family experience in the process.