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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Nature Songs And Rhymes for Kids

Introduce your little ones to nature with some of the popular nature-related songs and rhymes. These nature songs are not only fun to sing but also helps the young learners to understand beauty and amazing creations of mother nature, all about the seasons, weather and lots more. Spend some time in the great outdoors with your children and enjoy singing these songs, it’s fun!!!

Besides providing enjoyment, these season songs will help little learners to understand the features, beauty and benefits of nature’s creations. Sing “Rain”, “Winter”, “Snowflakes”, “March Winds” and other nature-related songs to your little ones and they will fall in love with nature!

Enjoy some of the best-known rhymes about nature


With the fall of winter, snow is all around! Sit near your room window and watch sparkling white snowflakes floating around and then settling gently wherever they find a place. Sing beautiful winter rhyme, “Snowflakes” song that reflects the charm of crystal-white snowflakes.


Drench yourself in the showers of rain while singing a popular song and rhyme, “Rain”. It is a fun way to teach your kids about rain on a pleasant rainy day.


Winter is the most awaited season by the kids! As this cool and chilled season arrives, they are excited to enjoy lots of snowy games and activities such as making a snowman, skiing, playing with snowballs and a lot more. Sing “Winter” song to your little one and tell them how the snow wraps everything in the winter season and bring joy to all young and old.

When The Snow Is On The Ground

“When The Snow Is On The Ground” is a fun way to teach your kids to love the adorable Robin bird and caring the bird. It is a story about a little robin, who grieves as the bird cannot find a food on the snow-covered ground. Therefore, we should feed her some bread crumbs to keep her alive.

Lengthening Days

“Lengthening Days” is a short nature-related rhyme and song for the little children. With the change of season, when the days gets longer, the storms also get stronger.

March Winds

“March Winds” is a beautiful song about winds blowing in the month of March. On the fall of a spring season in May, colorful flowers blossom all over. These plants are nurtured by March winds and April showers!

When The Wind Lies In The East

“When The Wind Lies In The East” is a traditional nursery rhyme for the children. It reflects the belief that weather can be predicted by the direction towards which the wind is blowing.

Tips for helping Kids Stay Safe at Home

Here are a few tips.

Teach Them to Use the Security System

Having one of the best residential security systems in Mantua, NJ, will make leaving your kids home alone much less nerve-wracking. If you teach them to use the system, you will know that they are safe and secure even when you’re not around. They’ll be able to arm the system when you leave and will know what to do if the system is triggered. Plus, you can upgrade your system to include a video system that you can access with your smart phone, so you can check in on them whenever you’re feeling a little worried.

Tell Your Neighbors You’re Gone

If your kids are new to being home alone, it’s a good idea to let your neighbors know that you’ll be away. They can check in on your kids every now and then, and your kids will know that there is an adult close by who they can go to if any problems arise. When you know that an adult you trust is keeping an eye on your kids (even if it’s from a distance), you can enjoy your time away from the house without spending the evening worrying about something going wrong.

Set Clear Rules

You should set clear and strict rules regarding safety when you’re away from home. Some rules you might want to consider setting include the following:

  • Keep all windows and doors locked
  • Don’t answer the door for anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t answer the phone unless you have caller ID and recognize the number
  • Don’t let others know that you are at home alone
  • Stay at home the entire time you’re alone; don’t go out with friends
  • Know what numbers to call if there is an emergency
  • If you need an adult right away, find a neighbor you know and trust

If you set these rules and emphasize their importance, your kids will know what is expected of them. They’ll gladly accept the rules as a necessary step in being treated more like an adult.

Be Easy to Reach

Finally, make sure that you are easy to reach when your kids are home alone. Keep your phone on you at all times, and make sure the battery is fully charged so that your children can reach you if they need you. You may get a few phone calls about petty little arguments they’re having, but in the end, it is far more important that you are reachable in case something happens while you’re away.

Solution Of Baby Feet Casting

Most of the guardians have shown their interest to capture their kid’s first impression. One approach to catch this valuable formative stage is to make a child hand and feet throwing. This can be expert in different ways. One route is to arrange a 3D mortar shaping. This looks stunning, since it is finished in 3D. The mortar is non-poisonous and safe to be utilized around the child. It takes around 3 minutes to make the underlying mold and yes a touch of squirming is typical. The throwing will turn out fine, regardless of the fact that your child likes to move about.

The usage of youngster, child, or pet hand and feet throwing, can make numerous remarkable open doors for people by hoping to exploit this procedure. These open doors can be used to give extraordinary endowments to guardians or pet proprietors, and in addition speak to a stand-out potential that people can put resources into to catch a point in history with their barbarian or creature companion. At the point when you are hoping to exploit all the gifting or memory making open doors which are accessible through throwing, exploit the accompanying potential outcomes.

Outline Casts

It is a special one among the most mainstream assets that people put resources into. While you want to retain the memory of your kid’s first touch and child hand and feet figures then the opportunity can be found with edge throws. These are commonly features which are produced by using the material of the financial specialists. These are traditionally mounted and confined for conservation. This permits a person to get a 3-D picture of their kid or pets long haul protection. If you are looking for the first class Baby Feet Castings in the UK then you have to gather some useful information regarding it.

Impression Tiles

Another open door that is accessible for a person to put resources into, when looking for a kind of open doors made with hand and feet throwing, can be found with imprint tiles. At the point when most people consider the chance of throwing into tiles, they regularly recognize a space from their youngster or pet that is then solidified after some time and encircled. An extraordinary open door that exists with imprinted tiles. It is opposed to have enough space there. A 3-D picture is produced that is raised over the tile, making an exceptional impression of everything about with the hand, foot, or paw used.

Paw Casts

Most people would think it is about difficult to make a cast of their pet, as an after-effect of the capriciousness that is connected with creatures and their hesitance to have people play with their paws. A talented individual will have the capacity to exploit a one of a kind chance to cast your pets paw, as well as use extremely safe materials that won’t hurt your creature companion in any capacity. Like the chances of infant hand and feet models, there is a wide assortment of conceivable outcomes to use this cast.


The last open door is accessible for a person to exploit and it is found with bronzing. This open door can be used in the protection of hand and feet throwing or could be used in the bronzing of a youth keepsake. There are not very many limits that an individual can exploit, while seeking after the bronzing opportunity.

Effects Drug Abuse on Teens

Teenagers with persistently abuse substances often experience various problems such as academic difficulties, health – related problems, poor peer relationship and the involvement in the crime. It has emerged as a critical issue among the youth. Research says that the youth use heroin, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol to hide or escape pain. Marijuana (31%), Vicodin (9.7%), amphetamines (8.1%), cough medicine (6.9%) and sedatives (tranquilizers 6.6% each) are some of the most abused drugs among the teens. If they don’t take any kind of treatment, their condition leads to the serious consequences for own health, family members, community and the entire society.

Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

  • Mood swings
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Violent behavior
  • Crimes such as stealing, snatching etc
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Excessive tardiness & poor grades
  • Poor hygiene, depression

Effects of Drug Abuse & Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse at any age affects one’s health badly, but teens are more likely to suffer from negative consequence later in life. It can lead to the permanent or irreversible brain damage. Here some of the common negative effects of teen drug abuse are below mentioned:

Emotional Problems:

Addiction problems are considered as the major cause of anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia. Depression has been major factor among these causes as around 34.6 percent teenagers report drug addiction.

Behavioral Problems:

Teens with the drug or alcohol abuse have to suffer with the social problems, suicidal thoughts and violence. A recent survey remarked that the youth addicted to drug, alcohol or marijuana is more likely to engage in the antisocial behaviors i.e. fighting, stealing and snatching.

Brain Damage:

Youngsters with the drug abuse and other addiction suffer from serious mental disorder, permanent or irreversible memory loss and damaged nervous system. They may also experience brain shrinkage, amnesia and memory problems, perception and intuition and changes in sexual desire.

Risky Sexual Behavior:

Teenagers taking drugs and alcohol are more likely to indulge into the sexual activities than non-addicted teens. It may cause higher risk of sexual transmission disease, teen pregnancy and sexual assault.

Learning Problem:

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse shoddily affects memory and learning skills that ultimately influence one’s performance in school/college.


Youngsters who are abuse drug with the needles may likely to suffer from blood – borne diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B & C.

Teen Drug Abuse and Alcohol Treatment

If your child has also drug addiction then don’t waste a second to take medical help. It is necessary to take an initiative and avoid the long term consequences. Get an expert’s advice and follow recommended therapy. Some Ayurvedic medicines such as Addiction Killer are also useful to improve the condition. But, it also required an expert’s suggestion and guidelines to lead a healthy and successful treatment.